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Tired of clients complaining about your beds and their comfort while lying? A comfortable lash session is a happy client, and a happy client is what you want. You need a mattress that doesn't just look the part of luxury but feels like it too. 


The curved Lash Bed Mattress Topper is made from memory foam. You can be confident that your clients will be comfortable 100% of the time, allowing them to remain relaxed throughout the entire lash session. 


  • With the curved shape and comfy padding, our mattress gives your client the support they need so you can work longer.
  • This lash topper will fit most if not all massage tables and lash tables.
  • Your clients will be ranting about the quality of the service you provide as a lash artist when you think of every little detail about their comfort.

Delivery takes: 4-6 weeks.

Curved Lash Bed Mattress Topper

  • It is possible to order this product in different colours,( which are in the pictures)

    Please enter the number of the colour you like when ordering!