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The Cosmetic Bed model gives the most comfortable feeling to your clients, under the service. 


An anatomically designed bed specially developed for beauty industry professionals, which provides maximum comfort during the treatment for both the guest and the specialist. The treatment bed is characterized by a stylish design and excellent quality. With a wide selection of colours and materials, it gives any salon an elegant and unique look.

The bed follows the natural curve of the body, and in that way, clients could lay in a natural position. 


The bed's material is velour, which gives a soft, comfy feeling to your clients. 


Our quilted Curly cosmetic bed is excellent for eyelash extensions, make-up tattooing, facial massage or even aesthetic treatments. The manufacturer uses only premium quality materials to make the bed. The specially designed wave-lying surface provides maximum comfort even for guests with back pain during long-term treatments. The bed ends in a straight headboard, which provides a perfect view of the guest's face and eyelashes. Thanks to its wide design, the materials and tools used during the treatment fit comfortably at the head.


The maximum load capacity of the bed is 150 kg. The fixed height is designed to be comfortable for everyone, but you can adjust it to your own needs with a hydraulic chair.


The delivery takes : 4-6 weeks.




Curly Cosmetic Bed