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Pink Brushstrokes

Microblanding &
Permanent Makeup

  • It's a special occasion when Bernadett, the professional makeup and tattoo artist, visits our salon and you can make an appointment with her.

  • Whether it's microblading or permanent makeup, you'll be in the best hands!

  • Bernadett continuously explores the latest permanent makeup techniques, equipment, methods, products & anesthetics ensuring clients have the best experience, achieving the most natural looking results with the minimum discomfort.

Eyeliner upper.png


  • You are familiar with the situation when you try to draw it with a pencil or powder every morning the ideal arch of your eyebrows, but you never get them to be the same? This is the home version of the powder eyebrow tattoo.

  • Local replacement of eyebrow hair deficiencies is also not good, because the color will interfere, or even if it is present the right shade, after a rain, sweat, sport or sauna, it flows like a brown smear your makeup.

  • In the case of eyeliner accidents, smearing and smearing also play a role, and who would want it from the bottom and top to exist with ringed eyes?

  • The possibilities of lipstick accidents are also endless, just think of the smeared teeth that you bravely face you smile while they laugh at you, at the stained cups and glasses, at your loved one's shirt, or for that date when he didn't want to say goodbye to you with lipsticked lips.

Pink Brushstrokes

I am Bernadett Horváthné Bordás, master beautician, permanent make up artist, instructor. Before I started to cultivate this beautiful profession or profession, as a student of the Budapest Health Vocational High School, I got to know all the properties of the human body and the human skin, which can both cause joy and balance.

After my graduation in 1998, I got to know the beauty of beautician work with one of the most outstanding personalities of beauticians, my teacher.

In 2007, I passed the cosmetology master's exam. During my career, I participated in countless courses and further training. The main branch of my field of expertise became makeup tattooing. Since 2015, I have been continuously participating in the education and further training of students.

Get to know Bernadett

"Beauty is power and makeup is something
that really enhances that."



we achieve the 3D effect with the most modern fiber arrangements and artistic techniques. With the play of colors and the fine-tuned threading technique, we are able to create unique eyebrow tattoos that are deceptively similar to the original in an artistic style.

What makes it so natural?

In order to be able to customize the tattoo to the maximum extent, we also need to know something about the guest, whether he intends to change his hair color in the near future. The design and preliminary drawing is carried out with engineering precision, just like the execution. The tattoo artist has to feel exactly how deep to get the pigment into the skin with each thread pull and must combine several thread arrangement procedures to find the one that best matches the natural thread direction


Soft Powder, or powder tattoo as it is also called, is actually similar to the classic one eyebrow waxing, but it is made in a much softer, more delicate form. Our eyebrows are one of, if not the most defining feature on our face, it's the first thing people see to notice us and how it affects our appearance. A bad one selected eyebrows, whether made with makeup or tattooed, you are sullen, sad it may just result in a look of wonder.

Good eyebrows emphasize your best features, make your face fresh and open. There is no person who has a completely symmetrical face, but with an eyebrow tattoo this can also be improved optically, play with colors and shapes, see who has what most advantageous. Eyebrows that match you perfectly can give your self-confidence a huge boost moreover, you won't have any problems in the morning, you can forget about drawing your eyebrows every day. It's also perfect for sports and swimming, because you won't have to worry anymore about what might happen you smear your eyebrows.

Permanent Make Up lips.png


In today's fast-paced world, a woman, regardless of her age or marital status, has a lot of tasks, tasks, and things to do. Familiar propositions, right? However, in the case of permanent makeup, the time to get ready in the morning is significantly shortened, and in addition, the face will have an impeccable appearance in all situations.

The eyeliner tattoo can also be very discreet, with a subtle thickening of the eyelashes, the breath drawn at the base of the eyelashes by tattooing a thin, black line, it highlights the eyes in an almost imperceptible way.

A half satyr make-up tattoo to highlight the lips is not a half solution for you if you prefer a very natural effect or if you would like to recolor your natural lip color with just a few shades of difference. The full lip satyr make-up tattoo can also be very natural, but it can also have a more make-up and lipstick effect. However, the 3D lip satire is the real FACIAL ART, since here we achieve an increase in optical volume, the full or moderately full mouth will be even more pronounced, sexier and more desirable.


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Microblanding & Permanent Makeup

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