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Good Lashes = Good Mood


We have prepared a huge surprise for you!

Choose any of our eyelash services, and after each session we will stick 1 sticker on your Loyalty Card!

After the 5 stickers have been collected, for the 6th time we provide a -25% discount on all our eyelash services!

We have another great news... :)

If you already book your next appointment at our studio during your personal visit, we will give you 2 stickers right away!

If you are looking for a sign, this is it...

Get  those lashes

It is important to know that...

We can give you the card in the studio! It is important that your card is only valid at the eyelash artist with whom you booked your first appointment!
It is important that the loyalty card is only valid for our eyelash services, NOT for nails and permanent makeup!

Bring the card to each of your appointments, we can only stick the sticker in that case, unfortunately if you don't have it with you, the sticker is not valid!

It is important that you can redeem the discount if you write in the comments when booking that this is your 6th visit, or if you bring the card in person!
If you also book the next appointment PERSONALLY at the booked time, we will give you 2 stickers!

Please pay attention to the condition of the card, torn, wet or otherwise damaged cards are not valid!

After the 6th occasion, we will give you a new card, but we will not give you a sticker on the 6th occasion! However, if you book your next appointment on the spot, we will give you 1 sticker instead of 2!

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