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From now on, our beauty salon offers lash lifting services too!

If you're tired of false eyelashes or if your natural lashes are long but lack curvature, then this treatment is perfect for you.

Lash lifting is a specialized procedure where we alter the curvature of your lashes, lifting them from the base to visually lengthen your natural lashes. This results in naturally curved lashes for up to 6 weeks, giving you captivating eyes without the need for mascara or false lashes. Of course, you can start using mascara a day after the treatment, which can further enhance the fullness and length, but many love it for its beautiful results without any additional effort.



  • Enjoy the effects for up to 6 weeks.

  • Beautifully curved lashes can enhance your confidence by giving you an enchanting look.

  • Hypoallergenic, making it safe to use if you're allergic to false lashes.

  • You can expose your lashes to water, steam, and makeup just 24 hours after the treatment without any extra care needed.

  • Different sizes of silicone molds ensure remarkable effects on both short and long lashes.

Pink Brushstrokes
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  • Your lashes are straight or downward-facing. You prefer a more natural and cost-effective solution over false lashes. Your lashes appear tangled or disorganized.

  • Your eyelids have sagged a bit, or your lashes are barely visible due to hidden eyes. You have long, thick lashes but want to change their curvature. You prefer a hypoallergenic solution for lash extensions.

  • You want to enhance your natural beauty with natural-looking lashes. You're tired of daily mascara application and smudging.

You glow, Girl!

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After preparing your eyes and lashes, I'll secure your lower lashes with pads to prevent them from sticking during the treatment. Then, I'll select the appropriate size of silicone mold—available in S, M, L sizes depending on your lash length—and place it on your closed eyelid.

Using transparent adhesive, I'll attach your lashes to the silicone pad. The key to perfect lash lifting lies not only in using reliable materials but also in the brushing technique.

I'll treat the precisely brushed lashes with three different agents in three steps. The advantage of lash lifting is that these three agents build upon each other, allowing us to achieve beautiful results gently and without damage by adhering to the correct processing times. If desired, the lashes can be tinted with professional henna dye in the third step, followed by treatment with a moisturizing serum to fixate and nourish your newly lifted lashes.

The result is a precisely arranged, naturally curved set of lashes that will make you happy for many weeks to come.

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Before the treatment:

Avoid using mascara on the day of the treatment as it may inhibit the absorption of the agents. Remove contact lenses before the treatment.

After the treatment:


For optimal results in the first 24 hours after the treatment: Avoid water and steam coming into contact with the lashes. Refrain from using mascara, and if possible, avoid rubbing your eyes. Avoid tanning beds. Try to prevent lash cleansers from coming into contact with the lashes as much as possible.

Additionally, refrain from sweating due to exercise, sauna, or humid environments for 24 hours.

After the 24-hour period, you can resume your usual daily routine fully. You can use makeup, etc. (Avoid using waterproof mascara or oily makeup remover on lifted lashes as they can reduce longevity.)

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