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How did Vippe By Anna Lash Salon develop?

I founded VippebyAnna in 2021.

At first, like almost everyone, I worked from home as an eyelash stylist, then after my number of guests grew, I rented a room in the centre of Jessheim, and in a short time, I managed to outgrow that too. That's when I decided to create my salon.

I managed to find a great place in the centre of Jessheim.

Then came the hard part, shaping the whole place into the image and colours of my own company.

There were difficulties, I won't hide that.

After we set up the salon with the help of my partner, I found a partner by my side in a short time, in the person of a lady with nails.

Not long after, in the second half of 2020, despite the major closures and restrictions caused by covid, I created my eyelash webshop where I sell products from several excellent EU brands.

In the first half of 2022, we grew again and my team expanded with another eyelash stylist, Dominika.

And in the first half of 2023, I opened a salon in Oslo, where not only eyelashes are applied, but also a physical store was created for those customers who prefer to buy from us in person.

But when I started working in my salon, it was uplifting,

When I started working as an eyelash stylist, I felt that this was my path and that I could finally be my boss, despite all the difficulties, this is perhaps one of the most positive things about owning my own business

I completed the eyelash stylist basic training in Mo in 2019 with the Magic Lash school.

In the blink of an eye, I felt that I could use my everyday creativity and deal with people at the same time. And it's wonderful to see it grow.

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