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New Client Policy:

  • We ask that new clients arrive 15 minutes prior to their service to fill out the necessary paperwork and get settled. If you do not arrive 15 minutes before your service, the time it takes to fill out paperwork will be deducted from your total service time.

  • Please keep in mind our lash specialists may have other appointments after yours. We will always do our best to accommodate you.


Booking Policy:

  • You can make a reservation depending on the availability of seats. Please check after booking to see if you have received the confirmation email about your reservation, as your reservation is only valid if you have received the email. (With the exception of the reservation form filled out on site, it will be uploaded manually within 48 hours of your reservation) If you haven't received it, please write to us at!

  • You can only make a reservation by paying 25% of the service in advance. Please note that the reservation is subject to a deposit! On site I can pay the remaining amount with cash or card.

  • You can book an appointment on the spot and pay the advance in cash!

  • The reservation is subject to registration, please fill in your details correctly both online and on site.

  • If you book an appointment, it means that you accept the rules and privacy policy of the salon.

Cancel Policy:

  • You can cancel your appointment within 24 hours. If this does not happen, we cannot return the deposit. If you call 24 hours in advance, we will transfer the deposit to the next appointment. (If you change your mind about your date, we will not be able to return the deposit, please take this into account!)

  • If you indicate within 24 hours that the time is not good, we will find an available time for you. We cannot return the deposit in this case either.

  • If the cancellation occurs several times in a row (4x), unfortunately we will not be able to provide an appointment in the future. (Of course, in the event of an illness or any other event, we will arrange the appointment.)

  • If you do not come to your appointment and do not notify us in any way (If you cannot reach us by phone, send an SMS or email), we will also invoice you for the remaining amount of the service.


Late Policy:

  • We cannot take responsibility for the delay. All our services have a preparation time, and if you are late this time may be less. We cannot change this date in the event of a delay, because then the date of our next guest will also be delayed. Therefore, please note that if you are late, your appointment may be shortened.

  • Be sure to notify us of the delay, if you do not notify us and you are at least 20 minutes late, unfortunately we cannot undertake to provide the service.

Fill-in work from other salons:

  •  If you've had your lashes done at another salon, it's always best to do a removal and a full set for the best results, as each salon uses different products and techniques. However, we complement the work of other salons, as long as the work is of good quality. If you are unsure, please email us some photos.


  • New clients are advised to perform a patch test to check for allergies at least 24 hours before treatments.

  • If you are pregnant, the patch test is mandatory. Please note that in rare cases the results are not always accurate and an allergic reaction may still occur even if the result was negative. In case of an allergic reaction, we recommend that you book the treatment a few days before an important event. If you experience discomfort, itching or redness around your eyes after your appointment, please contact us for advice and contact your GP immediately. Symptoms of an allergic reaction should never be ignored, as it can lead to serious health problems if left untreated

  •   If you have an illness, stye or inflammation in your eye, please let us know before your appointment and take into account the cancellation conditions.

Other conditions:

  • NO money refunds! If you experience a problem within 5 days of your appointment, and please contact us, we will find an appointment for you and fix it.

  • We reserve the right to change the dates and the service fee.

  • If the appointment cannot be made due to our fault, we will arrange an appointment for you as quickly as possible. Our guarantee Book with confidence, knowing that we offer a 100 percent guarantee for all treatments within the first 5 days of the appointment, otherwise we will take care of it.

  • Conditions:You must follow the follow-up instructions and contact us within 5 days of the last appointment. If you contact us after 5 days, we cannot take responsibility for any problems.



  • Please do not wear mascara or eyeliner on your upper and lower lashes when you come to your appointment. This makes cleaning extremely difficult, which can cause premature separation.

  • Arrive with clean, tidy eyelashes so that the work goes smoothly.

  • We also ask that you remove your contact lenses before each eyelash treatment, but you can put them back in immediately after the treatment.

  • Please leave your cell phone calls and text messages until after your eyelashes are applied, this makes our work more difficult. This is essential for your peace of mind and for our work to be carried out perfectly.

  • Please do not bring an unsupervised infant/toddler to your appointment. Please note that we have a tight schedule in our day and we have to give 100% attention to our work.

  • You can only bring a dog under 8 kg to your appointment.

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